Africa Digital Economy Forum
Image of ADEF Ambassadors visit to Zipline

In order to address the most pressing and challenging access issues in the world, Zipline was formed with the mission of building the first logistics system that benefits all people equally. Zipline creates, produces, and manages the largest automated delivery system in the world by utilizing its knowledge of robotics and autonomy. Tens of millions of people are served by Zipline worldwide, and the company is delivering on its goal to create a fairer and more durable global supply chain.

Zipline is revolutionizing how things are transported. By switching to clean, electric, fast logistics, we can provide fair access for billions of people while decarbonizing deliveries, reducing traffic jams, consuming less fossil fuel, and reducing air pollution. The concept of teleportation, which delivers what you need at the exact moment you need it, is straightforward despite the complicated technology. People, businesses, and governments are being inspired by Zipline to envision what is possible when commodities can travel as easily as information.

Image of Africa Digital Economy Forum (ADEF) Ambassador visits Zipline
Africa Digital Economy Forum (ADEF) Ambassador visits Zipline

Africa digital economy forum is an NGO that prioritizes itself; the development of individuals and organizations in the aspect of technology. It sees the growth of more people being digitally inclined. In light of this, ADEF ambassadors paid a visit to Zipline, one of the world-renowned autonomous logistic company the world, survey of how logistics is being run smoothly was shown to them, and questions were asked.