Africa Digital Economy Forum

About Web3.0 WorkShop

Web 3.0 workshop is an educative and interactive workshop building outstanding individuals digitally oriented with great marketable and communication skills with a wide interest in Web 3.0 and other technology trends to succeed in today’s global society.

It is to empower Youths, SMEs to reach their full potential, increase life-skills for their future, including career, interactive and hands-on educational sessions, learning and promoting positive use of the web and AI tools through planning, implementation, and evaluation stages.

Project Mission

Equip the youths and SMEs with the vast knowledge of web 3.0  and its importance.

Create a global community of youths and SME creating wealth through Web 3.0.

Catalyze a community of youth who collaboratively create personal and social change within their environment.

Workshop Focus


  • Roadmap to business success on Web3
  • Enhancing business growth Blockchain Technology.


  • How to prepare for a career in web 3.0.
  • Introduction to Blockchain Technology.
  • How to generate income as a web 3.0 writer.

Call for Speakers