Africa Digital Economy Forum

As a member-driven organization, the success of ADEF in its journey to promote Africa's Digital Possibilities can be achieved through active participation from Members. Members will have below reasons to join and are not limited to:

  • An Open opportunity to attend organic Events: Opportunity to be part of ADEF Annual Business Conference, Seminars, Exhibitions, Digital/virtual fireside chats organized by the Managing Board and forum.
  • Networking and exchanging deep conversation and mentoring: Connect with Industry Leaders and Expertise on industry happenings, trends, and pitfalls to stay ahead of your business.
  • Develop Business cordial relationships: Build strong engagement with senior leaders across business, technology, governance, academia, policy and regulation etc.
  • Relationship retention: Connect with fellow ADEF members via exclusive access to the Members Directory/Article of Association.
  • Diffusion of ideas, insights, and connections: Sharing informative insights that revitalize business practices, and the economy as a whole.
  • Access to round table talks facilitated by industry expertise: Tuning you to crucial issues that may directly impact your business, market, and ultimately your business growth.
  • Attending Tours, Gaming and social events per half quarter: An unofficial interaction and gathering with peers and leaders, members will have great moments and time to socialize with each other, wine and dine to capture unforgettable time.


  • Eligible members will be able to vote and be voted for during Executive council/ Advisory and other board election.
  • A One way access to virtual events and zoom meetings organized for discussions and interaction on the success of the network
  • An opportunity to attend ADEF powered awards night and expo
  • Exclusive rights to enjoy discounts on events and programs, conference fee
  • Discount fees on media packages, media rates, advertising and others during conferences and forum advocacy